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Service Mobile Hosting Smanshome supports management of the remote Data/Web site from the small mobile device, a PDA or a cellular telephone equipped by a Web/WAP2.0 browser. The mobile hosting is accessible and from desktop computers.


Any beginner can take advantage of this hosting. Knowledge of HTML is not required. For example, it is possible to place the information on the simple text pages connected with each other hierarchically. For this purpose the powerful catalogue system is used. The visitor will see lists of the certain catalogue levels. He can easily reach the necessary document.


HTTP protocol is used in Smanshome at a file exchange of the client with a server. FTP it is not required. Besides this it is possible to create and correct the server files, for example HTML pages, directly from a browser. It is especially important for cellular telephones which do not have operational or file system. For the opportunity to work with HTML pages from the mobile device, the developer of a site should know XHTML, subset of the HTML.


Many hosting providers offer DBMS service, usually MySQL or PostgreSQL. It is especially needed for the organizations publishing the big list of the goods or services. The database (DB) can be useful, for example, at creation of greater information and referral (I&R) systems. Usually, for beginners, who are not familiar with SQL, development of a DB is not capable. This is not regarding to the Smanshome hosting. Using Smanshome, developer can describe structure of a database and enter data directly from a browser through the menu. In Smanshome design of the dialogue is also simple and knowledge of HTML or script language is not required. For example, the developer can lightly specify, what fields (and their order) will be used at formation of request, and what fields will be output in answers.

Other useful feature - management of the user access to the information catalogue. Smanshome is not so much hosting in the usual sense as the mobile environment for information interchange, for example by the files: pictures, melodies, programs and so on. To concrete user in a concrete directory of the catalogue can be set one of the functions: read, write or edit. As a result, for example, at the access to the database tables, one users can make only inquiries and look through DB, others additionally enter new records, and the third also can change tables structure.


Mobile hosting Smanshome works under control of the data server Smans, which is realized on the basis of object-relational DBMS Sav Zigzag (, differing by high speed at the work with complex interdependent data. It is free of charge to be registered and work in the demonstration hosting,