Smans data server 1.9 2008/08 (Russian Data)
Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Sergey Savushkin

Includes Sav Zigzag 9.0 (c) 1997-2008 Technopoles-M


Smans data server is a Web site content  manager and tools for Web database and data site development. Really, Smans is a set of Java servlets (smans-ds.jar) providing a Web application by the following functions:


Web application server (
supporting Java Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 or later (


wapp/WEB-INF/web.xml - Deployment descriptor
- Library:
smans-ds.jar - Smans data server,
savz.jar - Sav Zigzag database manager,
activation.jar, mail.jar - email support (auxilary)
- Smans system data:
account.sdb - account,
catalogue.sdb - catalogue
- Smans hidden data
wapp/... - Examples of managed data files (*.html, *.txt, *.sdb, *.gif, ...)


  1. Install any Web application server (or Web container) with Java servlet/JSP engine. Assure that its servlet examples are running.
  2. Deploy Smans Web application, which is represented by "wapp" directory. For example, copy "wapp" in "webapps" deployment directory of Tomcat server. Deployment directory for WebLogic is "autodeploy", for JBoss is "deploy". Be careful, if you attend to change managed files by Smans, WAR/EAR archive for application is not possible.
  3. If Web server is not local, you need to share all the managed data files, including WEB-INF/smans/*, with the Java application or JVM. Java rather belongs to group, which has to have permission attributes: READ, WRITE, EXECUTE (7) for directories and READ, WRITE (6) for files.
  4. For test regime, the steps above are enough. Smans server will work with the current web.xml, but for serious exploitation you need to adapt web.xml descriptor. First of all, the web.xml update is regarding the context parameters in <context-param> tags (see comments inside of web.xml).


Smans data server starts automatically as a Web module in running Web application server. Client may address to Smans server from PC or even from mobile device with HTML/XHTML Web browser through the http://<hostname>/[<application>/]servlet/menu URL. Example for standalone Tomcat: http://localhost:8080/wapp/servlet/menu. First time, to enter in Smans menu as administrator, you need to use login with "admin" name and "admin" password.


To process Smans database files (*.sdb) in offline, you can use desktop development tool, Sav ZBase,

Each Web server has specific configuration for Web site and Smans data server does not affect this. For example, in Apache Web server, very useful may be ".haccess" file, which sets up access limitation to a Web site/directory. See documentation in correspondent Web server.


Web browser must support interface with UTF-8 code. If non-English symbols still look incorrect, problem may lay in a Web application server. If to say about new version 5/6 of Tomcat, the server.xml configuration should be changed with such parameter:

<Connector ... useBodyEncodingForURI="true" />

Sergey Savushkin